Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Some stuff for July

I have somehow been managing to write at least one post per month this year. It is interesting to read previous year's accounts. So blogging is really good after all. Our brains fail us when we try to remember things accurately. Blogging keeps it in place. We came back from a week long trip to washington and canada. We went on a national park tour. Rainier, Olympic, Banff, Jasper and Yoho. I can't say we did any of them in great detail, but we gave it a fair shot. Olympic is beautiful beyond belief. It is totally underrated. People need to visit that place more. Banff - what can I say - it is so beautiful beyond belief. there are no superlatives to describe the beauty of banff. If you create an index - beauty*accessibility, Banff will probably be the number one in the world. The icefields parkway is really a joke. It is almost ridiculous to have so many things splattered along the way for you to see. Too many waterfalls, turquoise green lakes, mountains, rivers, glaciers, etc. It is a visual treat to say the least. Jasper was equally good. I need to write a detailed trip report. I hope to find the time, may be this weekend.

The coming weekend, we will be visiting Coyote Buttes. That should be interesting. I am only worried about hiking without a GPS. A guy said that he will loan it to me, but I haven't heard back from him. Most likely, I'm going to have to do without one. Or may be I'll buy one, we'll see. The hike is 3 miles one way and it is on an unmarked trail. This plus the heat will make it more difficult. I think we need to reach that place early in the morning to get the best lighting for photography. I don't know what all I can photograph there. It will be interesting to explore that region a bit, but I don't know how long we can linger there without water. Taking one gallon of water there should be difficult. I don't know how much we can realistically take. It will be quite an adventure, I'm sure. Plus, there are going to be some isolated thunderstorms. I have never understood what that means, but it can get pretty bad with lightning in a wide open area. So, we have to be back at the car by noon or so. I think we can do it. Let's see. We will know by Saturday afternoon what happened ;) Will update later.

Plus, I am organizing a music show this year too. Actually speaking, a lot of stuff that I had to do last year - I don't have to do now. All the mixing, music AV equipment is taken care of. There is no drummer, so I have sequenced pretty much everything in my keyboard. We just have to do a good job on stage. The singers have to improve a little. I am waiting to hear feedback about the show already. Let me see how far my keyboard takes me.