Wednesday, September 06, 2006's september

It's the 9th month this year and I have not idea what all happened. there's just one thing that happened this year - work. I have not been really socializing in the last several months. I have almost forgot how it is to be normal. The more extraordinary I think I want to be, the more abnormal my life is becoming. May be I should just try to be ordinary. I think I have a window of opportunity here that I shouldn't miss. I don't know what exactly the opportunity is. I feel like I should learn more - may be I'll get that if I do an MBA or go to film school. We saw "Vettayadu Vilayadu" in the theatre this weekend and I really liked it. Kamal has given a pretty good subdued performance. The story was good. The best thing was the cinematography! They have really set a standard and it is hard for me to imagine what they would have done to get New York the way they have! Lots of things to learn. I need total peace at this point. Can't go on like this forever. Clock is ticking.

Friday, September 01, 2006

3rd anniversary

of our wedding is today! time has flown so fast that it is difficult to grasp the reality. My parents are here....that's what is special about this anniversary. Otherwise, I would have planned some nice trip or the other. Last year we went to Hawaii and the previous year we had gone to Alaska. But nothing much this year. I guess I will just go around the area here.....