Wednesday, January 17, 2007

b'day yesterday

I found out that four other people share the same b'day as me! One of them in fact, has born on the same day as I was and shares the same star! My friends surprised me last night by bringing in cake and some card. that was nice....

The rest of the day went off normally.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


I think procrastination leads to a downward spiral of not accomplishing anything. The more you procrasinate, the more you keep thinking about the ones that you've procrastinated and that preoccupies your brain and prevents it from paying attention to other important things, which in turn get delayed. I read this book called Stumbling on Happiness and that says that the brain tends to keep thinking about something that's left unfinished - this can both lead to happiness and sadness. It is upto us to exploit this nature of the brain. It's a great book, BTW.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Me and my ideas

can't believe I've had ideas that other companies have come out with products representing them almost exactly! Firstly, I have had the same cell phone for the last five years (more than five, actually) and I've been looking at all the generations of cell phones without ever getting any interest. Somewhere in the middle, I got an ipod and loved it so much. I have always wanted a device that can combine the ipod and a phone together, with nothing but a display in it, that is touch sensitive. And guess what, Apple has come up with precisely such a thing. I have visited a blog that had all the potential designs of the iphone, based on fans' prediction on how it would look. They all looked great and sweet, but none of them seem to have thought of my idea and much to my disbelief, Apple seems to have made it happen!

The other notable thing - I have always wanted to replicate our house in 3-D model in a software and design the interiors myself and exchange opinions with my family through emails. It has been very difficult to suggest nice interior changes with me living here and my family living in chennai. I come back from my vacation and much to my delight and disbelief, I find this software called "Sketch up" from Google! IT IS A FREE 3-D MODELLING SOFTWARE. Can you believe it? Furthermore, it is just sooo easy to create any 3d design you want using that software. Interior designers have a great tool now.

One more major disappointment - I wanted to shoot a song in just one take, without changing scenes. I really dreamt about this one...but alas, somebody else is doing it before me, in the movie called Auto (Oram Po). I don't know what the hell is happening here.

I've learnt one thing - an idea that's not used today is an idea that's useless tomorrow :)

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year 2007

I had gone to santa barbara, malibu temple, lake cachuma and solvang on dec 30, 31 with a couple of friends. it was a relaxing trip and we mostly spent time taking pictures and eating unhealthy foods.