Thursday, August 10, 2006


This online quiz supposedly tells you whether you can be a good student at B-school or not!

Peter Pan (21-30 SPQ)

Annoyance Level: Medium

You are not quite ready to face the adult world, so school has become your sanctuary. Some might call you a professional student. Perhaps you have collected a few graduate degrees already, or you just wanted to relive your undergraduate days, when you felt life was a party.

Making friends comes easy, and your classmates probably think that you're a lot of fun. But many of them can't afford to go out every night. One of your redeeming qualities is your charisma, but even that can backfire, warns Jon Pinder, associate professor at Wake Forest University.

Robert Hogan, a PhD in psychology and president of Hogan Assessment Systems in Tulsa, Okla., warns that B-school will probably disappoint the Peter Pans. "It's dreary turning in papers," he says. "It's not the world [you] remembered."

If you're willing to get serious and seek direction, you might still be able to get your money's worth at B-school. Putting down the beer and picking up a book would be a good start.

This is what I got out the quiz the second time I took it:

Annoyance Level: Low

You fit in well at B-school and know how to balance work and personal life. You are often the unsung hero of your group projects because you know how to get the best out of your classmates, many of whom are your true friends. B-school is a chance for you to lay the foundation for a career that will make you happy. Even though you had to make sacrifices to go back to school, you wouldn't have it any other way.

Tolerating those who are less laid-back and confident can be a challenge for Ms./Mr. MBA. But you just have to keep in mind that diverse personalities contribute to creating the right class chemistry.

There's always room for improvement even if you are well-liked and getting the most you can out of your B-school experience. You might consider reaching out to a wallflower in your class or a first-year student in need of a mentor. Helping others, after all, will turn Ms./Mr. MBA from average to above average.

8th anniversary

Today (Aug 10th) is my 8th anniversary of setting foot on the U.S. soil! It's equivalent to finishing two B.Techs - 8 years ;) time indeed flies by so fast. I never thought past the year 2000 in my life, but it has been already 6 years since Y2K went by. On Aug 10th 2000, we also had a minor episode on the freeway when going to the bay area - the car in which we were going basically lost control and spun on the freeway before coming to a complete halt on the emergency shoulder!

Friday, August 04, 2006


arrived yesterday (aug 3rd) safely. They brought tons of stuff with them and we're struggling to accommodate everything in our house ;) Lots of stuff to do this weekend. Laterz.